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"Wake on Network Access" Working!

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Hey everyone,


I made "Wake on Ethernet Access" work on systems where the checkbox isn't available in Energy Saver.


I got around it by downloading, modifying and compiling the mDNSResponder deamon.


The files belong inside /usr/sbin/ and /usr/bin/, simply overwrite the existing files with the new versions from the attached zip file.


Installing this does not allow you to control the "Wake on Ethernet Access" option. It is forced on always in the program code. So I suggest you backup the old mDNSResponder files first, so you can disable it again if you want to.


Hope you guys will find it useful.


Maybe someone with a bigger clue than me can use this as a stepping stone to figure out how to make it work in a cleaner way. I mean, it would be better if it was the network driver kext that was fixed. This should work perfectly fine however.


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I have a Hackintosh at the office and sometimes I would like to wake him up at the weekend to browse to some files or run a task.

Can I ask you how exactly you are using this feature? I mean your Setup, DNS service etc.


My ethernet card doesn't have 'Wake on Ethernet Access' option so I could try this if I figure out how to do it.



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First of all, this thing I posted only fixes "Sleep Proxy" part of mDNSResponder. So this is something that already requires you have WakeOnLan working well on your system. All this does is allow a Sleep Proxy like an Airport Express to announce available Bonjour services.


Getting WakeOnLan to work usually just requires you enable it in the BIOS and that you have a proper DSDT, as far as I know.


If that is set up correct you can wake your system using any MagicPacket sender, like http://www.readpixel.com/wakeonlan/ .


However, to wake a system that is at work, you would have to be able to send the magic packet from somewhere on your local network at work. It could be a server you had running 24/7, a router, or I guess it could be possible through VPN access as well.

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First of all thanks for your .zip , i'm very interested in WOL in my Hackintosh.

I'm looking for WOL in Lion, i tested with your files but it's not working, i copied the files to the folders and reset but Lion still with the logo but it is not started, maybe it is incompatible this build in Lion???

Could you compile this files for Lion or tell me how do it?

Thanks in advance.

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