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Real MacBook Airport wifi card driver

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Okay, So I finally got past all my other problems with running Mac OS X in general. The only one left, I had no access to internet running it the way I did. So for good measure I bought a Wi-Fi Card from an actual MacBook. An "Apple MacBook Wireless Airport Extreme Wi-Fi N AR5BXB7". So I get this thing put in, Ubuntu and Windows 7 can use it perfectly, But ironically Mac doesn't even know its there, So there are only two possible reasons for it not working... Mac hates my PCI-E Mini card slots, Or iAtkos_S3_V2 stripped out the original drivers. Obviously the second one is more likely but I'm having trouble finding the driver for said wi-fi card. I'm sure it's not too impossible to either pull this out of the original installer or find it on the internet but I've come up with nothing. So if anyone can get me this driver, That would be amazing because then my Hackintosh would be fully functioning.


Thank You


If no drivers can be found, atleast a good recommendation for a wireless card that works with 64-bit? That'd be great too.

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