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OpenDarwin and GNU Darwin

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Hi. I have been looking everywhere for any OpenDarwin and GNU Darwin builds and I was wondering if anyone else had them. These are the file names I have gathered so far and any help is appreciated.

GNU-Darwin CD Beta 2.3 PPC (gnu-darwin-cd-beta2.3-ppc.cdr.gz and/or gnu-darwin-cd-beta2.3-ppc.cdr.gz)

GNU-Darwin CD Beta 2.5 x86 (gnu-darwin-cd-beta2.5-x86.iso.gz)

GNU-Darwin 1.1 RC2 (gd_install-1.1_rc2.tgz)

GNU-Darwin 6.6.1 x86 (GNUDarwin-6.6.1-X86-installer.iso)

OpenDarwin 7.2.1 (opendarwin-7.2.1.iso.bz2)

OpenDarwin 6.6.1 (opendarwin-6.6.1.ppc.cdr.gz and opendarwin-6.6.1.x86.iso.gz)

OpenDarwin-20030212 (opendarwin-20030212-ppc.cdr.gz and opendarwin-20030212-i386.iso.gz)

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