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I've got a P5LD2-VM with 10.4.6 JaS updated to 10.4.7.


I try to make it sleep correctly, but i have stil annoying problems like :

- i can wake with mouse or power button, but not keyboard

- automatic sleep doesnt work, but manual sleep (apple menu) work

- and others...


I had a miracle during some days where everything work, but now, its broken, i don' know whY. I tried the last bios version, nothing better. I think its a mix of my usb hardware, bios settings and osx config...


Anyone with P5LD2-VM could tell me his bios settings and version ?


Here's mine :



Sleep mode : S3 (S1 doesnt work)

ACPI V2.0 : disabled

ACPI PIC : disabled

usb legacy disabled

usb 2 enabled


Thanks a lot !

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