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Some new install methods I am gonna test

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I have an hp g62 notebook with an AMD Athalon II P340 2.2


I have installed 10.5.7 before using Idenb before but support for AR9285 isnt available.

I am gonna do an install of 10.6.7 instead since I have read that the drivers are available for AR9285.


My only problem is I don't have any spare DL DVD's right now.


So I got an idea. In EasyBCD is an option to boot ISO images from the hard drive. I use it to give the option to boot windows install or Hirens boot disks. Which comes in handy when my tinkering makes my PC not wanna boot :D . None of the linux distos I use (Backtrak 4r2 Ubuntu 10.10) will boot from this utility but I am gonna give the custom OSX install disk a try.


Another option I have wondered about: Using VMware or Virtualbox doing an install with all the stuff needed for my laptop and using CloneDisk or something transfer it to the hard drive.


The VMware route seems like an ideal solution but Virtualbox is refusing to work right with my .iso right now. I am gonna toy with some settings or give vmware a shot.


I just thought this up and figured I would share. If I get anywhere I will update the thread.

If anyone has done any of this before or has any ideas please share your thoughts.

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