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People, Kismac is confirmed working on OSx86!

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first let me start off by saying that i am using a Broadcom Airforce chipset used in the Dell Truemobile 1450 miniPCI card.


i have been using the stable version of ksimac for some time which only lets me use active mode. i was thinking this can't be right... the kismac wiki states that broadcom airforce chipset works under active and passive mode, but i could not getting it working right. so i wondered around and finally remembered that there are alpha versions of kismac. i uninstalled the stable release and installed the alpha version. i went through the set up process for my network card, and behold i am receiving packets!!! i am extremely happy about this. the only thing i am not happy about is the fact broadcom airforce (aka apple airport/airport extreme) drivers for kismac does not support packet injection, so the process takes FOREVER as some of you experienced users know...


one strange thing i want to point out is that when i choose either airport or airport extreme, both kismac drivers are running fine under passive mode. i dont know why, but i'm sure i'll find out

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