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Cohiba UR054g Wireless - Help!

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Hey guys,

Well, after alot of fideling around i finally got OS X on my laptop. Im really loving it even though the intel 2200bg wifi doesnt work. Anyway!


I had another wifi adapter, the UR054g, which if you search Unex.com's drivers page actually has official Mac drivers. Everything installs great. Even without the drivers OS X pics up the USB correctly in the system profiler as "Cohiba 3887 rev0" and even displays other details (manufacturer, speed etc)...however, when i go to the network config page all it picks up is my ethernet and firewire...:D


If i go to system preferences after the driver has been installed there is an icon titled: "Prism 802.11B USB Adaptor" however when clicked it says: "You cannot open PRISM 802.11B adaptor preferences pane on this computer. COntact the developer of this software for a newer version"


Does anyone have any ideas how i can get this to work? I'm assuming OS X isnt recognising it AS a wireless device, just some kind of usb dongle.


Any help much appreciated!



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