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Computer hangs intermittently on restart

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This is a weird one. I've got a tri boot Windows 7, SL, Lion system. It hangs on reboot. What is odd is where it hangs. It exits the OS fine. The monitor turns off. It starts up fine. The fans ramp up to max. Usually they then slow down to normal. All of that is fine. That's the way it usually Restarts/Starts up. The peculiar thing is the monitor then doesn't come on and the computer just sits there. I assume its not doing anything. I wait around forever and nothing happens. If I hit CTRL ALT Delete the computer will restart. If I go through this procedure a few times it sometimes posts. Sometimes I have to turn the computer off. I don't have to hold down the power button. I just press it once and it goes off.


This problem happens the least if I use the SL specific Chameleon rc5 r755 and boot and restart in SL. If I boot into Windows 7 then restart the problem happens a lot more. I find that very bizarre. If I use the SL+Lion Chameleon rc5 r752 this problem happens a lot.


My computer is overclocked, but I don't recall having these kind of issues prior to Hackintoshing it.


Any ideas?


My setup...

Asus CG5290

i7 920 overclocked to 3.8 Ghz

9 gig DDR3

GTX 260

Asus Rampage II Gene Bios 1401

Tri boot Windows 7, OS X 10.6.7, OS X 10.7

MBR formated disk



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