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2011 15" MacBook Pro RAM upgrade

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I just ordered my custom config MBP, and I plan to upgrade the RAM as soon as I get it, so I need to know, what sets are good?


There is absolutely no way in hell I'm going to pay $200 for 8gb of RAM, so I'm wondering if anyone knows what kits work. In theory, it should be safe to assume they all work (a computer's a computer right?) but I don't want to blow $90 and have it not work.


Newegg RAM selection


Those are what I'll be choosing from, unless someone knows a better deal.


I'm looking at the Crucial because Macs tend to work well with it, but I'd like a second opinion before buying. Sooner the better. Laptop arrives 11-13 next week, so I'm hoping it's all good by then.




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