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Dell Latitude X1 Success story


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used OS X 10.4.6 from Myz

works outta box:


Video: Works + CI + QZ

Audio: Works

Touchpad: Works

Bluetooth: Works

Resolution: 1280x768 (native)


works tweak needed:

BatteryStatus: installed PowerManagement.bundle

, battery status only updates after everyboot.


Boot: works, but need either external VGA or Dummy VGA with this http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?ac...ost&id=1522


doesn't work:


Intel Wireless 2200BG


Going to replace Wireless card with Dell TrueMobile 1450 and basically everything's

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The Problem with the X1 (equal to Q30 from Samsung - same hardware) is when you start only with battery the CPU is at 600 Mhz and the system is very slow. With AC the CPU is at 1200 Mhz and the system is very fast. With battery and 600 Mhz it is unusable because it is so slow and there is a problem with sleep and wake up.

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it seems that sleep function is ok, i tested it and it was able to come out of sleep successfully without any problem.


Yes it is a little slow when it is running on battery, but for normal word and internet browsing it is functional.

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