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Hello when i came to insall iDeneb_v1.6_1058_Lite_Edition on my compaq SR1819uk it failed when it came to the insall bit say something about the hard drive. so i went to unmount it and says failed.


and now i have tryed to do it again i get a fare as the loading screen and this thing come at the top of the apple :@ comfused


160GB ide hard drive 3.5

CPU AMD Sempron 3000+

1GB ram





Part / Feature Specification / Support Motherboard description

  • Motherboard manufacturer's name: ASUS A8AE-LE
  • HP/Compaq name: AmberineM-GL6E


  • Socket: 939
  • Supports the following processors:
    • AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+
    • Athlon 64 4000+
    • AMD Sempron 3200+

Front-side bus (FSB)

  • 2000MT/s or 1600MT/s, depending on what the processor supports


  • Northbridge: RS482

  • Southbridge: SB400

BIOS features

  • HP BIOS with enhanced ACPI, DMI, Green, and PnP Features Plus

Form factor

  • ATX form factor, 9.6 in x 9.6 in


  • Dual-channel memory architecture
  • 4 x 184-pin DDR DIMM sockets support unbuffered non-ECC 4 GB 400/300 MHZ DDR memory modules
  • Maximum HP/Compaq approved memory is 4 GB*



NOTE: *Actual available memory may be less Expansion slots

  • Three PCI
  • One PCI Express (No AGP slot)

Video graphics

  • Integrated

Serial ATA

  • 2 SATA connectors
  • Each connector supports 1 serial ATA-150 disk drive

Onboard audio or audio card

  • Controller: AC97 audio
  • Location: Integrated

Onboard LAN

  • Realtek 8101L
  • 10/100 Mbps LAN PHY

Back panel I/O

  • One PS/2 mouse port
  • One PS/2 keyboard port
  • One VGA (monitor)
  • One Parallel
  • Four USB (2.0)
  • One IEEE 1394
  • One RJ-45 networking port
  • One S/PDIF out
  • Audio (line in, line out, microphone)

Internal connectors

  • One 24-pin ATX power connector
  • One 4-pin ATX power connector
  • Two IDE connectors
  • Two SATA connectors
  • One floppy drive connector
  • One CPU fan connector
  • One System fan connector (also known as duct or chassis fan)
  • One system indicator LEDs / power switch / reset button connector
  • One each, front headphone, microphone in, line in (Aux-in)
  • One front panel power and LED connectors
  • Two USB connectors supporting 4 additional USB 2.0 ports
  • One IEEE 1394a connector supporting one 1394a port

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