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Resolution stuck on 1024 x 768 on ZOTAC 8400GS 512MB

Carl Domino

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Hello everyone!


I'm very new to Hackintoshes since my Dual-Core G5 took a major {censored} on me months ago so I took the case and made it into make shift Mac Pro .


Anyway, my OS X install and updates have been successful after I loaded the right DSDT file for my GIGABYTE Mobo but i'm having trouble with the NVIDIA KEXTs files that I've found for my card. And yet as soon as I installed them I got a blue screen that wouldn't go away until I rebooted into safe mode and removed and placed the default kexts files.


Here is are the files I tried to install:






Any idea on what's going on or what i'm doing wrong? Do I have to go into these files with TEXT EDITOR and modify them?


I would appreciate the help on this as I have searched for this on 3 different forums.



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