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Couple of post-installation problems

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Hi there.


I installed Mac OS X 10.6.3 (via IATKOS S3 dvd) - successfully (or rather). I have two partitions on my HD: One with windows vista and one with this mac installation.


I have the Sony VGN-FZ31M laptop


The first problem I have is the bootloader:


Unless I have the IATKOS S3 DVD in the drive, it originally came up with Boot: 0 error. If I have the disk in the drive, I get the option of pressing F8 which then presents me with 4 options: Boot from the CD, some unlabelled hd thing, windows NTFS (which works) and Mac OSX (which also works). I followed some tutorial to mark certain partitions active which had limited success, marking one partition active allowed me to boot straight into windows without the DVD, but pressing F8 only gave the choice of windows... if however I try it the other way, it just gets stuck on a black screen with a _ and doesnt present any boot-choices... I installed OS X with Chameleon R5 (i believe)


The second problem I have is video:


After installing, when I would try to boot into OSX I would just get a black screen.. I followed a procedure to boot with -s and remove some nvidia/ati things. and since then it boots ok, however there are a few issues: 1.) I can't select any resolution greater than 1024x768, I've tried a couple of apps like SwitchResX but no success. 2.) I can't run DVD's - I can play youtube videos for example, but if I put a disk in the drive it will play only audio (I installed VLC and DivX).


The final and most important issue: WiFi


I'm not sure what card is in the laptop in honesty, all the spec websites have been less than helpful. But none the less, no installation setting helped with the detection of a WiFi card... I was able to get around it to some extent by plugging USB into my HTC Magic and using a free, light-version of a tethering software to share connection, but it's slow and restricts secure sites.



I'm sorry if these are noobish questions, but any help would be really appreciated :)


Kind regards,


EDIT: I forgot, from the utility in install, my wifi is 11ab 4351 Marvel 88E8036

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