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DHCP works but no network


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just 'done' my first hackingtosh - Dell Vostro 200 with an intel 82544 network card. Managed to get OS X to load (retail 10.6 10A432) and everything appears to be ok except the network (I have DHCP enabled). I consider myself to be pretty PC savvy but I have NEVER used a mac.


In System Properties/network I see the following:


Status : Connected


IP address


subnet mask






In 'network utility' I have:


ethernet adapter (en0) (en0)


add: 00:02:b3:c2:xx:xx (obviously there aren't x's, didn't want to show my full mac)


IP add:


link sp : 1 GBit/s


Link Stat : Active


Vendor : Intel


Model : 82544GC


Trying to use Safari I get a 'not connected to the internet' message


Using the ping utility, if I try to ping my router at i get 'Request timeout for icmp_seq' errors.


I know for certain the network card is ok because I just pulled it out of one of my other systems (PC) and I know my router is working because all my other systems are working fine. I wasn't sure if this card would work with OS X but the fact that it appears to see the card ok and DHCP manages to get an IP address I kinda assumed it must be ok - or is that my first mistake by assuming that because it can see it doesn't mean it will work?

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