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sound problems


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ok got my new rig well new mobo cpu anyway ita an a8n-sli delux by asus and a 4200+x2


wiki said that it worked fine execpt the lan but found out that only 1 of the 2 lan connections it has dosent work so yea


in my 2800+ it was very quick and speedy infact but now its alot slower and even tho i get sound its broken up though it could be a network just not buffering enough so i dl a pod cast and still skipping


now i havet got quarts working yet so would that be an issue or am i stuch with this issue



i have yet to do a full format and reinstall since the new mobo so would this help or am i missing something



also has any one been able to get any pci sound card to work in .6 out of the box

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