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Boot0 error After Time Machine Restore!


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Here goes.


I messed up with OS X system kext files after upgrading, and so the system didn't boot! (i have Win7 on my laptop)


so i restored the system using time machine backup by using the install DVD.


The mac os partition i use is on an external hard drive with one partition for time machine and another for installing Mac OS X there


so i got the Boot0 error. Now in order to fix this, i need to insert the DVD into the pc and press F8 which is boot options, and then select the partition that OS X is on and boot into OS X and then install the chameleon bootloader allright?


But the boot options, cannot see the partition , because it's on an External Hard Drive!



This is really ANNOYING!!!


QUESTION No1: Does anybody have a solution?

QUESTION No2: How do i install on the driver the Chameleon Bootloader FROM WITHIN Windows 7?(Someone did this and worked and i send him a PM here at insanely mac but didn't answer because he is inactive)


Please guys help me because this is as frustrating and annoying as hell!



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