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Config-file with Monitor Settings (GMA 950 (2772))


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Hello there,

I installed Mac with iAtkos S3 v2 and patched till 10.6.6.

My system: Asrock a330gc Mainboard, 4gb ram.

The graphicscard (gma950) is onboard and the CPU (Atom 330), too. => i choose the Atom kernel.

Everything works, but one problem:

I read different tutorials how to patch the DSDT => i did it and it seemed to work after many hours :D.

The problem: My monitor was detected as a secondary monitor, but i have only one vga output.

I made it to catch the Monitorsettings-windows of the virtual primary monitor and thought i could just mirror them.

But after I did i could only see stripes (seems like the resolution is too high for my old 17").


Could someone say me if there is any Configuration-file that I can edit to try other methods again?

(At the moment I can see nothing because of the stripes)



Now the Display is grey -.- :( .


Thanks for help

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I tried many different kexts and I thought that perhaps something absolutely unexeptable is not working.

=> I reinstalled 10.6.3.

=> updatet to 10.6.6


and then used this DSDT I made => everything works. Full resolution and the other things are running too (i hope).


This DSDT is for a Asrock a330gc with the Atom kernel (use the search).

HT is enabled.


Have fun :D


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