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AR9285 hard freezing at boot/on battery


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I bought an AR5B195 to replace the stock half-height mini-pcie card in my HP Mini 311. It consists of an AR3011 bluetooth chip and an AR9285 (pci id 0168:002b). I've noticed other people claimed tons of success with the card by just modifying the stock IO80211Family kext and adding their pci id, but when I do that, I get random freezes. It's not even a kernel panic -- the machine just stops responding completely. I've messed with various permutations of other versions of kexts from the internet, but no matter what, when it's unplugged it'll hard freeze if I transfer a lot of data over it or attempt to make it scan on battery. In addition, it'll freeze something like 60+% of the time on boot.


Any suggestions, or obvious things I might have overlooked? I'm on 10.6.7, upgraded from 10.6, with the HP Mini 311 Retail Pack 20110301v4.


Anyone using this combination that can report success?


(Side note: I had a few random freezes with Linux too, but it seems to be cleared up mostly; seems Windows is the only OS Atheros really gives a {censored} about.)

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