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Hardware Recommendations?

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Hey people, I need a new PC, but want to pick up something what will give me a fair shot at running OS-X. Can someone recommend an all-round decent motherboard (or motherboard & graphics card combo) that will support Quartz Extreme?


I'd also consider a laptop solution. But whatever I pick up, it needs to be at least dual-core and support Quartz Extreme.


I may have to pick up a slower system (1.66GHz Mac Mini Intel Core Duo $900), althou its painful to throw money at wait I feel would be an underpowered system.


Any suggestions welcome.


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bofor's 'building an osx86 box' thread (genius bar / tutorials section) is generally regarded as the gold standard for 'most compatible self-build'. basically a 945 chipset mobo (preferably intel) with GMA950, and a Pentium D 900-series processor. great compatability. graphics performance on a par with a macbook or mini.



for better gfx, add an ati X1600 PCI-E card, see recommendations in teh borisbadenov thread (genius bar / tutorials section)


or if you want to be more forward thinking, have a look at bofors latest thoughts on a core 2 duo based system. again, in the genius bar.

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