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Good/Bad looking to old? Honest critique needed

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I am not a webdesigner, but as a "idonthavenothingtodo" day I made http://haploidmusic, based on a heavily modified template. Did it because the original site (haploid.ch) is just flash, and I said to the friend who owns it, and plays in the band, that cutting out ios devices and cell phones without flash support is not a good idea.


What do you think? Consider that it took one day to finish this...

It's a nice design, clean and simple and easily navigable!

I like sites like that, makes for a more enjoyable viewing experience. IMO that is :)


Thanks. that's exactly what I wanted to do, no flash, no nothing. Check out the work of a professional (not kidding...) www.haploid.ch. It's a flash overdose, and you are cutting out the whole mobile crowd (at least ios/non flash compatible)... The images in the image gallery take 2/3 sec to load... When you read the bio, you have to click a scroll button (wtf???).

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