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[GUIDE] i-Atkos S3v2 (10.6.7) on Foxconn Renaissance (X58)


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I just finished the installation of i-Atkos S3v2 on a Foxconn Renaissance.


Full PC's Specs:


CPU: i7 920

Socket: 1366

Chipset: X58

GPU: NVidia 9800GTX+ (TwinTech)

RAM: 6GB (3x2 GB Slots), 1333 Mhz

LAN: Gigabit LAN by Broadcom®5786 (DIDN'T WORKED!!)

AUDIO: Realtek® ALC889


Here is how i made it work:


Preparation - Downloads

  • First of all you need a Hard Drive or a Partition (20GB or More).
  • Format the Drive/Partition through Windows with NTFS or FAT filesystem.
  • Download i-Atkos S3v2 (you can find it easy on any torrent/warez website) and burn it on a DVD.
  • Download [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] Legacy Kernel from Here and burn it on a CD.
  • Reboot your computer and press "Del" to enter Bios.
  • Navigate to "Advanced Settings" and hit Enter
  • Next, go to "IDE Configuration" and hit Enter
  • Go to "Sata Configuration" hit Enter and set it to "Compatible"
  • When you'll do that, another menu will appear below this one called "Configure Sata#1 as"
  • Set it to ACHI
  • Press ESC 2 times to go again to the main BIOS menu.
  • Navigate to "Boot Settings"
  • Navigate to "Boot Device Priority" and set CDROM as First Boot Device
  • Hit F10, to Save and Exit Bios.
  • Place in your CD Rom, the [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] Legacy CD you have already burned
  • Let it boot (it'll take about 2 minutes or less)
  • As soon as it boots, a selection screen will appear.
  • Eject your CD
  • Insert your i-Atkos S3v2 DVD in your Drive and hit F5
  • After 30seconds, "Mac OSX Installation DVD" will appear on your selection screen. Select it and hit Enter
  • That's it! Wait 5 minutes and the installation will begin!



  • As soon as installation menu appears, select your Language and click Next.
  • Click on "Utilites" (on the top of your screen) and open "Disk Utility"
  • Select the Drive you want to Install the MacOS and go to "Erase" tab.
  • Select "MacOS Journaled" as Filesystem type and type a Name for your drive in the box.
  • Click Erase (bottom right of the utility).
  • Close the Disk Utility and click Next on the Menu that will appear.
  • Agree to the Terms
  • Select the Drive you want to install Mac OS to, and Click on "Customize" (on the Bottom Left of your screen)
  • Select ONLY these:
    • Boot Loader: Chameleon v2 RC5
    • Drivers->Main Hardware->Sound-> VoodooHDA (if Apple Driver is selected, remove it!)
    • Drivers->Main Hardware->NTFS-3G
    • Patches->/Extra Directory
    • Patches->fakesmc
    • Patches->Disabler
    • Patches->RTC
    • Patches->EvoReboot

    [*]Click OK and Start the Install. (it will take about 20-25 minutes)

    [*]When install is finished, eject the DVD and wait for your new MacOSX Installation to Boot!



  • After the Welcome video, you have to type your Personal Information (if you want to).
  • At the end of this survey, you will be prompted to create your system account by filling a username and a password.
  • If the system freeze after you click on "Create" don't panic! Just reset your computer and voila! Your installation is finished!
  • Now, you have to install some Kexts for your Graphics Card (in my case, it's a 9800GTX+). So, if you have the same download the kext package from here.
  • Download Kext Helper from Here and place it in your Applications folder.
  • Unzip the kext package and select all kexts
  • Run the Kext Helper App
  • Drag n drop all kexts in Kext Helper App, fill in your password (if you have one) and click on "Easy Install"
  • When install completes, restart your Computer.
  • Download 10.6.7 Combo Update from Apple's Website and Install it.



You're finished!! Enjoy your MacOS!


The only thing that you have to do now, is to buy a 10.6.7 compatible PCI or USB (Wireless) network card. I just did this with my iPhone's WiFi to USB Tethering so i don't need to buy a network card.


If anyone has a problem or wants to add something, please reply on this topic :rolleyes:

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