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HD4830 problems

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I am using nawcom 3.1 with retail SL 10.6.7 and I can't seem to get my SAPHIRE ATI RADEON HD4830 to work. It starts off with a crappy resolution and 75hz frequency. The screen flashes blue for 3 seconds back to regular screen for 2 seconds then repeats over and over. I change frequency to 60hz nothing happens. I change resolution to full hd 1920x whatever and it just goes black and occasionally flashes the screen for half a second. I've tried some patch but it just screws things up to where I can't boot. I've also tried many kexts.


Also I don't know how to update osx. I thought I installed SL 10.6.7 but it doesn't have garage band says I need to update but when I update it makes my mouse and keyboard not work anymore. I even tried doing the usbrollback and it still didn't fix it. Maybe I did it wrong.

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