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SATA RAID PCI Card help.


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Hi there.


English my good not so... :)


Kidding though, so this is my situation:

I have the following:

-> P5K-VM

-> 6GB Ram

-> SUNIX Serial ATA PCI Card (SATA 150 RAID PCI, 4 SATA port extension) (SUNIX SATA4000)

-> 6 Hard drives (Something like 3TB total data)


So, with only 4 SATA ports on the mother board, of which I'm not even sure if all of them work, I decided to get a PCI SATA Extension card which would allow me to plug more HDD's in. So I went out and bought this card (I can return it still though) and plugged it in. Alas, it does not work, I've searched the forums, maybe I was lost in the terminologies but there didn't seem to be anyone with the same card.


So does this card/set-up work with Mac OSX64?


I have Leopard 10.6.3 installed, I updated to 10.6.7 but it didn't help so I just restored to the .6.3 again because I didn't feel like fixing the Ethernet again.


Your help will be greatly appreciated.




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