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AMD Sempron 3100 installed and running


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Hello fellow maccies


Having been a Mac (OSX) lover for a number of year but having to use a Windows machine for VB programing and database creation I though it would be perfect to install my favourite os on my AMD sempron.


Having got hold of the 10.4.4 img and burnt it to disk I began installing.


Booting from the dvd was great, no problems at all, starting the install was fine also (originally trying to install it on a windows partition) then deciding that I would prefer a clean boot and used an internal 80gb hdd

Everytime I tried to install it OSX would finish the install and go to restart and just sit there with the little spinner.

Restarting the machine and using fdisk to make the partition active it would boot straight up in -s mode the crash at the setup assistant.

Having read this wonderful site I found out that it was the AMD patch files which were luckily already on the dvd that I burnt in the first place. Patching the files 3 times and then telling the machine to reboot gave me the OSX desktop in all its glory, no sound.. AC97 onboard thingy, and no network.. SIS900... which I belive is not compatible with OSX anyway.. my Mac/PC runs very nice and quick, I think I'll have to invest in another soundcard and a nic card that will work.

Thanks to this site and the hard work that went into patching my dvd I can now use OSX on my pc aswell as my powerbook g4 which I couldnt live without. Will keep you updated on future installs.... p.s. it has taken me 3 day to get this far, so if anyones having problems... keep trying its worth it.

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