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Blank blue screen before log in, but only on every other boot?


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Hey guys,


So I've successfully installed iAtkos 7 OS X 10.5.7 onto an External HD, but I'm having a very strange problem.


I've installed the OS perfectly, and everything works great. The only thing is that on every-other boot, it will freeze on a light blue screen (after boot and before log-in). Only happens on every-other though!


I mean.. if I turn the PC on, it'll freeze on the light blue screen before log in. Hit the reset button and it'll boot and log in perfectly. Hit the reset button again, it'll freeze on the light blue screen before log in, etc etc. When it actually boots the OS is absolutely flawless! It's just this odd start-up issue.


My hardware is as follows:


- AMD Phenom II 955 X4 3.2Ghz

- 6GB DDR2 800Mhz Ram

- GeForce 9800 GTX+ 512MB

- Asus M3N-HT Deluxe 780a Mobo


I'm using Chameleon 2 bootloader, the 9.5.0 Kernel, and I've tried several GPU enablers.


Just incase it helps, I had to edit com.boot.plist with 'fsb=200000000 maxmem=6144' otherwise I'm in an endless reboot cycle.


Any help would be hugely appreciated!


Thanks guys!

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Right I've heared that changing the DVI ports on the back of your card will solve this issue. It's something to do with the OS mis-interperating the monitor as a second monitor. A cold boot will freeze on the blue screen, where as a restart will start normally. I'll try this later and will let you guys know.

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I recently had this happen too. It was on a Dell GX280. I had an awful time, and what I finally did was look in the system/library/extensions folder. Many of the kexts had a folder with their same name. My understanding is that the kexts are getting corrupted somehow. It is all fine the first time you boot and then it gets corrupted and things start going wrong the second time around.


My solution won't work for everyone. I took out the HD and put it in an already functioning hackintosh as a second drive. I booted off the already functioning hackintosh, reformatted the secondary drive. I used iPC and just installed the base 10.5.6 system. You don't need to be booted off the iPC DVD, you can do all this from the already functioning hackintosh.


I then downloaded MacOSUpdCombo10.5.8.pkg from apples site and installed it. I opened up the system/library/extensions folder on the secondary drive and threw away any kexts that looked like folders. If there was also a kext that looked ok but had a folder with its same name. I threw out both of them. Then I reinstalled the MacOSUpdCombo10.5.8.pkg. When I re-checked the kexts they all looked fine.


I had a number of kexts that still needed installing for the system to work. I won't make a complete list, but some were the voodoo kernel, seatbelt, GMA900 etc. You can fish around the iPC installer DVD and find the individual kexts and install them. I like using kext helper to do this. Or you can run the iPC installer, be sure to UNCHECK the base system, and installer what you need. Then it is the same deal, open up the system/library/extensions folder and throw away any bad kexts, and then re-install them.


Once your extensions folder is full of nice, functional kexts, take out the secondary drive and re-install it in your hackintosh. I know this is an ugly procedure. I have read that there are some utilities that will fix bad kexts, but I haven't had any luck with that.

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