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Easiest system to work with?

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Alright everyone, new guy here. I was wondering (and have looked around) what hardware seems to work best with os X86? I have come to the conclusion that Intel is the way to go, but what motherboard and such is recommended? I have an Athlon XP 2800+ right now that has no hope of this though, (and it is the family PC and I'm away at college right now, so I need to get it back home so the family has something) so I am going to build a basic OS X86 compatible PC. Nothing far out performance wise really, I just need SSE3 and such so that it functions fully. I was figuring a Celeron D or something to start out with, and then upgrade from there as funds present themselves. Any motherboard recommendations and other hardware and such? Keep in mind this is not to be a lean mean number crunching machine.

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