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Monitor resolution ati rage 128 pro ultra (32meg)


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I have a dell dimension 4550 with an ATI rage 128 pro ultra (32 meg vram) agp video adapter connected to an nec multisync 75f crt monitor. I successfully installed ox86 10.4.6 using the goatsecx distribution and patched it with the JAS 10.4.7 updater. When in the default 1024x768 video mode, things seem to work fine except that i sometimes get a bit of a buzzing sound coming out of the monitor. The best video mode in xp for me is 1152x864, yet when i try to force os x into this mode either by forcing it during the boot using the "Graphics Mode" = ... boot option or by editing the plist file, it still boots into 1024x768 mode. I can force it into 1280x1024 resolution, but the monitor shimmies a bit (it doesn't look wonderful in xp, either, so this isn't much of a loss).


does anyone have any suggestions?


thanks a bunch ahead of time.



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