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Backup Hackintosh install with SuperDuper!

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I used SuperDuper! by Shirt Pocket to backup my Hackintosh system disk to a USB hard drive. I followed the instructions and selected make backup bootable. Unfortunately this did not actually make my Hackintosh backup bootable.


What I had to do is download the Chameleon 2 RC 5 Installer from a link I found on Kexts.com. I then booted up with my original Hackintosh install and in the Chameleon boot menu I chose the backup drive. Once the system booted from the backup I ran the Chameleon installer and installed Chameleon on the backup drive.


The one issue I had was the boot menu did not appear like it did in my original install. The solution was replacing the boot file in the root directory with the boot file from the original install. That fixed everything. Another issue you will discover is the boot file is "invisible" on the backup drive after you run the Chameleon installer. The problem I had was you have to make the boot file on the backup visible before you can copy over it with a visible file from the original install.

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