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OS X 10.6.3 SL Running Stable on ACER Aspire X1200 (AMD),, NEED HELP THOUGH>>

Kon Artist

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Ok, SO I was able to use Nawcom's BootCD to install Snow Leopard 10.6.3 (Purchased from the Mac Store - ..The $29 upgrade disc is the full operating system, for those that aren't aware ;) )


.. Everything is going good. I tried to use the 10.6.7 UPDATE, but after installing the update, it says successful, then asks to restart PC...


The problem is, afterwards, It repeatedly reboots after spinning status wheel and doesn't fully load into OS X.. it just crashes and reboots!


So, I got frustrated and reformatted the hdd, then reinstalled 10.6.3 And now I'm back to square 1. I don't know what kernel I'm using, but does anyone know why this happens? Am i just not able to update it at all? I would try the online updates, but I don't wanna reinstall everything all over again... I"ve done it too many times already. I would like to fix the following issues:


I don't have drivers for the onboard graphics (geForce 8200) so I only get 1024 X 768 resolution.


"Restart" doesn't work, Manual Sleep does work, but doesn not turn off my "monitor" (I'm using my 40" LCD Bravia TV as my monitor). Is this because of my VGA onboard and lack of a driver that works? I have display, but it's 1024x768 so I have to stretch the screen on my tv settings, since I cannot change resolution! LAME....

Itunes crashes alot.....

Any suggestions? Is there a better way to install retail OS X 10.6.3 (WITHOUT ANY VM)

other than using Nawcom's Disc?.... Thanks...




System Specs: ACER ASPIRE X1200 DESKTOP PC..


ProcessorAMD LIVE!: Athlon X2 dual-core processor

AMD Athlon

AMD SempronCachedependant on the CPUMemoryUp to 4 GB of DDR2 667/800 MHz SDRAM (dual-channel support on two DIMMs)BIOSAward PnP BIOS compatible with SMBIOS 2.4Supported Protocols System ChipsetNVIDIA® GeForce® 8200I/O Controller HubNVIDIA NForce MCP78 692Expansion SlotsPCI Express® 2.0 x16 slot

PCI Express® 2.0 x1 slotAudioEmbedded high-definition audioSpeakers varies by modelVideoNVIDIA® GeForce® 8200 graphics solutionStorageSerial ATA hard disk up to 1 TB

SuperMulti or DVD-ROM optical drive

(varies by model)Card ReaderMulti-in-one card reader, supporting:

CompactFlash® (Type I and II), CF+™ Microdrive, MultiMediaCard (MMC), MMCmobile™, Reduced-Size MultiMediaCard (RS-MMC), Secure Digital™ (SD) Card, miniSD™ Card, xD-Picture Card™, Memory Stick®, Memory Stick PRO™, Memory Stick Duo™, Memory Stick PRO Duo™, USB 2.0 and IEEE 1394 portsNetworkingGigabit EthernetPortsFront I/O ports: Five USB 2.0 ports, Multi-in-one card reader, High-definition headphone and microphone jacks, IEEE 1394 port (4-pin)


Rear I/O ports: Four USB 2.0 ports, PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports, Five audio ports, Ethernet (RJ-45) port, D-Sub VGA port, HDMI™ port, eSATA port

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