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Hello. Installing hackintosh 10.6.6 does not show any partition!


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When installing it gets to the screen and asks me to select where i want it installed and it does not show any.


In disk utility it only shows my CD Drive which has the Hazard disk in it.


Previously I had windows 7 and it has NOT been formatted. Am I right in believing that its because it is NTFS and needs to be formatted to GUID? if so how do I do so?


Thanks a bunch in advance!


EDIT: All that I have done is download the hackintosh ISO, burn it onto a disk and put it in my drive.

Am I doing anything wrong? Do I need to do anything before that?


system stats:

9500 GT

realtek ac 97 audio

amd athlon 64 processor 3500+

sony dvd rw dw-q28A ATA Device

acpi x86-based pc


Belarc Pic:


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You need to put the kexts to either the preboot image, or the installation media. I personally created a chameleon usb stick with a Preboot.dmg (Which contains the kernel and kernel extensions).



I suggest searching your motherboard/chipset on this forum and getting a installation dvd, which supports your hardware.


Another issue could be that your sata devices are not in AHCI mode. You can set it in BIOS.


Also, Kexts = Kernel Extensions. Like drivers, On Mac OS X.

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