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Best version of leopard for Aspire 1 ZG5


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hi, I am hoping to try my hand at an osx install on my partners Aspire one zg5, it came with linux which had random non response periods (annoying) , i changed the linux version to ubuntu netbook which is better but not great and i dont want to install windows xp on it as it is too dated.


It is the SSD version which i could swap out for larger if i have to, though i understand it is possible to instal osx with a custom install i.e no languages.


My first place to start i guess is to purchase a copy of leopard, with many choices, which is the best one for this machine - i understand that 10.6.2 dropped support for the Atom processor so do i buy 10.6.1 and upgrade?


This would be my first attempt and am learning slowly about osx but until now my only skills have been with windows and some linux. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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