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3 Pieces of hardware i'm worried about

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This for my hackintosh


First of all is my wireless PCi Belkin F5D7000 v3 (Ralink RT2500)

and 2 webcams one is:


A labtec (basic webcam) is detected in windows as Logitech QuickCam Express and the other is

Trust WB-1400T they are both USB webcams and i'm hoping that it will work with this >> "evocam" and that will do the same job as WebcamXP...


thanks ;)


- Tom

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Ok the list said this


Need to disable the Plug and Play BIOS and Change BSD Name to en1 instead of en0 and change IOInterface - integer to 1 in NetworkInterfaces.plist


I sudo nano'd the file but all i could find was IOInterfaceUnit not IOInterface

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