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iSCSI initiator + Disk Storage

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Hello everyone.


I'm actually using a iSCSI initiator (GlobalSan Initiator) to connect a big disk storage system.

So, the initiator is installed in two Mac Pro. Great access, great performance.


The question is, that scenario works perfectly...except for the integrity of data when I use the LUN (I mean, with the globalsan connection) in two or more Mac.


I found that randomly, the disks lost her integrity. Mac is unable to write inside, etc.

I think that disk format is the cause. All the partitions detected in Mac, were formatted with HFS+, but this format is not like called "clustered" or something like xSAN. Then, it fails like when you connect to a LUN from a Windows and format it with NTFS. Windows will be the owner of partition tables, and any other Windows, doesn't will able to use this disk storage, right?

I supose that HFS+ is not capable to work with two or more connections.


So, do you know any other way to do that? I mean, there is any other disk format to apply?, to working properly in two or more Mac?


Thanks in advance

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