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iPC Post Install Crashing/Freezing


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Hello everyone!


A total n00b here, but a determined n00b that really wants my hackintosh to finally work! :)


I've finally been able to install iPC 10.5.6 in my Dell Vostro 220s (no drivers aside from StageXNUKernel). Install went fairly smooth, and I am able to get to the desktop (after a 5 minute boot up). However, after getting to the desktop, it freezes up every 5-10 minutes. Is there any way to fix this?


Here are my computer's details:


Dell Vostro 220s

CPU: Intel Pentium Dual Core e2200

Motherboard: OEM G45M03


Video: MSI N9600GT



The only thing I notice is that Spotlight is running in the background, and gets to about 2-3% by the time the whole thing freezes. A coincidence in timing? I have no idea.


I'd appreciate any help I could get. Thank you so much!

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Well, I added my hard drive to the Spotlight Privacy section to stop it from indexing. It did stop Spotlight. But still froze again, around the same time, 5-10 minutes after start up. So it wasn't Spotlight I guess.


Next I'm thinking its a video thing. Perhaps I should actually install a video driver for my MSI GeForce N9600GT? I didn't install one upon installing iPC 10.5.6. Couldn't hurt probably. So here is the big question:


How exactly do I install a video driver??? And what driver would this be?


Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! =)

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