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Crash when launch TimeMachine, SuperDuper or CCC

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I've tried to troubleshoot a crash i am getting whenever i launch TM, SD or CCC.


TM gets to about 1.7Gb, SD to about 500M and CCC 300M when i get the screen that says "You must power off..etc|".


(Happens when i backup to local hard drive, or across to a NAS ( where possible))


I then have to switch off at the front, power on to get the system back up.


However, i get no CrashReport, for some reason which is infuriating..


I have run Disk checks and memory checks, and verification checks and it all checks out OK.


So.. I wonder how i can get a Crash Reportor any other tools to help identify why this causes me to crash...


Thoughts please, aside from just doing a re-install..


(NB Booting up the OSX Install DVD and trying to do a restore gives me a message something like (This is the wrong computer type.." , i think install Computer ID is MAcPro 4.1, and my hackingtosh is MacPro 3.1)

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