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foxconn g31mxp Sleep Problem.


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My specs are:

mb foxconn g31mxp cpu e5300, gpu hd5770, 2 sata drives, 2 ide dvd-roms, one pci soundblaster audigy 10k.

OS 10.6.7, kernel 10.7.0, native graphics drivers and only applied dsdt created by dsdt auto patcher.

No other extra kexts


My comp goes to sleep instantly. But when i power it on again Lcd screen stays off and also as i can see, keyboard and mouse don't work as well.


I have tried sleep enabler but it conflicts with AppleintelCpuPowerManement kext and gives me a kp. But even when i remove the above kext sleep function stays the same.


I have also included in com.apple.Boot.plist generate ps and cs states deleted AppleintelCpuPowerManement kext installed sleepenabler but still the same.


And last i installed voodoo p state Runned in Terminal:

ioreg -lw0 | grep PerformanceStateArray

ioreg -lw0 | grep CSTInfo

kextstat | grep LPC

and deleted AppleintelCpuPowerManement kext

After that when i press sleep it comes off but it instantly comes on again with cpu fun working but no lcd screen.


Why is this happening?


Where should i search to fix this problem? Is this a dsdt problem?


Here is also my dsdt.aml


Please help!!


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