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Radeon 6850 Eyefinity


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My Radeon 6850 Eyefinity works but I have two issues that I like to see fixed.


1.) The first one is automatic framebuffer selection. Which doesn't work for me. The Apple kexts just pick the default one – with all kind of programs failing – so I have to set "ATY,Duckweed" with EFI/device-properties. Thanks to an (almost) two month old thread over at the developer forums – which works, but why can't we make it do this automatically?


Is this because our non-apple branded cards use a different (sub)device-id (in the ROM data)? Is there anyone who tried fixing this by changing the ROM and/or device properties?


There's also "ATY,DeviceID" and "ATY_VendorID" which may (one or both) play a role in this. Going to have a go at it when I fixed other things in my setup. Just want to see this fixed (and without a crappy solution).


2.) The second thing I like to see fixed is that when I boot into safe mode I get a pale white background, with the mouse pointer on it (can be moved) but that's about it. Need to have a go with VNC to see why...


I do know that the OSBundleRequired is set to "Safe Boot" and that I can change them in "Root" but isn't there another way to solve this issue?


Update: It appears to be related to kexts that won't get loaded in safe mode. The following ATI kext won't load in normal boot either (due to OSBundleRequired being set to 'Safe Boot') so that can't be (part of) the problem:






However, these two suckers:





probably spoil the boot fun, due to the fact that OSBundleRequired is set to Root and thus they won't load in safe mode. At least not initially. This is also why there is no Intel SpeedStep support when you boot with -x because IOACPIFamily won't get loaded.

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