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Installer Hangs on "Preparing Installation"

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Hi Everyone, First Post!


I am having a problem installing OS X from the retail disk I have - I can boot it fine using myHack - I get all the way to "Preparing Installation" and it just gets stuck there - the progress bar is still moving and I can move the mouse, yet it never goes further than that.


I am using:


Retail 10.6.3

MyHack (Newest Version)

Booting from USB

Specs in Sig


I have read around, and all I can find is that it is something to do with AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext - Yet the same thing happens when using the NullApple....kext!


I am quite new to the scene, and would love to get this working for me!

Hopefully somebody could please shine some light on this?


Thanks in Advance,



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