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Successfully installed Iatkos 10.6.3 on P5KPL-CM with nvidia 7300le but...


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I have installed 3 times already all working (two previous ones, first one I failed when I updated to 10.6.4 through mac software update; lost usb mouse, sound via high definition and some keyboard use, second time someone told me to get the combo pack update from mac and use pirate efi x to fix the missing drivers which I have lost through update; i couldn't boot from cd and got error addr=0xdeadbeef , size0x0, file=gui.c,line=406 so gave up and installed again)

So here I am again on 10.6.3 fully working but still wanna update(can get itunes to upgrade from 8 to 10) so my question is as follows: can I keep the drivers from 10.6.3 and use them on upgrades if so where mac install them or where can I find them?


my specs as are follow:


Motherboard P5KPL-CM

northbridge intel p35/g31 rev 10

southbridge inyel 82801gb (ich7) rev 10

cpu pentium dual core 3 Ghtz

Ram 2xKingston 2G udimm ddr2

HD 250G WD

DVD USB LG 2L dvd writter, ata hitachi dvd writer

Graphics nvidia 7300 LE

Ps/2 Usb mouse, ps dell keyboard

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