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Asus notebook (K60IN) doesn't boot Hackintosh when power source is battery and Standby problem

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Hi, A couple of days ago I have installed Snow_Leopard_10.6.1-10.6.2_SSE2_SSE3_Intel_AMD_by_Hazard hackintosh on my notebook. I spent three days for fixing sound and Wifi issues. I used VoodooHDA kext and AppleHDADisabler for fixing my sound. And I deleted the kexts below because of my PS2 touchpad and keyboard problem:







1. Now, everything is mostly ok. But when I want to boot my laptop when power source is Battery the silver apple mark appears but then nothing happens. And I tried boot with -v command. But only a black screen was showed up. And then nothing happen. And with -x command result is the same. But when I plugged in my laptop it boots like charm.


Do any one know what's wrong? Is there any solution?


2. When I get Mac OS to Sleep mode, everything is ok and power light flashes like windows Standby mode. but when I wake my notebook up. Screen shows my desktop but my notebook freezes. and in result the boot sector get damage and os doesn't boot on hard reset. and i have to boot with Hackintosh installation dvd to fix the volume with disk utility. can anyone help me with this problem?




Thanks in Advanced




I have extracted my Power information from System Profiler:


Battery Information:

 Model Information:
 Serial Number:	
 Device name:	F82--22
 Charge Information:
 Charge below critical level:	No
 Charge below warning level:	No
 Charge remaining (mAh):	1437
 Fully charged:	No
 Charging:	Yes
 Full charge capacity (mAh):	3267
 Health Information:
 Cycle count:	342
 Condition:	Normal
 Battery Installed:	Yes
 Amperage (mA):	2415
 Voltage (mV):	11503

System Power Settings:

 AC Power:
 System Sleep Timer (Minutes):	0
 Disk Sleep Timer (Minutes):	10
 Display Sleep Timer (Minutes):	10
 Automatic Restart On Power Loss:	No
 Wake On LAN:	No
 Current Power Source:	Yes
 Display Sleep Uses Dim:	Yes
 Battery Power:
 System Sleep Timer (Minutes):	15
 Disk Sleep Timer (Minutes):	10
 Display Sleep Timer (Minutes):	2
 Display Sleep Uses Dim:	Yes
 Reduce Brightness:	Yes

Hardware Configuration:

 UPS Installed:	No

AC Charger Information:

 Connected:	Yes
 ID:	0x0000
 Wattage (W):	0
 Revision:	0x0000
 Family:	0x0000
 Serial Number:	0x00000000
 Charging:	Yes

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