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Sleep working for Asus M2N68-LA (NARRA2)


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Update: These symptoms seem to indicate that my computer is in the S1 state instead of the desired S3 state.


Hey guys.


So I tried to get sleep working by simply enabling it through SleepEnabler.kext, but it still does not work properly. When I sleep, the hard drives spin down, the displays turn off, and the sleep light comes on but all the fans are still running. And furthermore, I am unable to wake up from sleep either through the power button or through the keyboard; I have to do a hard reboot. This leads me to believe that my DSDT is buggy and needs fixing. My DSDT is attached with a few minor fixes already applied to it. Could any of you knowledgeable people help me in fixing my DSDT so that sleep can work properly?





P.S. This is the only thing that is not working on my hackintosh. :D


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