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Nvidia Quadro 600 osx drivers ?


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Hello guys,

my first post in this forum and, woowww, I didn't even think I could do it !

Well, I'm looking to build a small form factor hackintosh with Pico PSU (150 W).

I found a mini itx board (GIGABYTE H67N-USB3-B3) to take advantage of a core I7 sandy bridge CPU like 2600K.

So I was wondering if the new Nvidia Quadro 600 pcie graphic card could work in this system as it needs, in charge, 40 watts of power.

So I will be able to use gpu units of this great new graphic card to re-encode my bluray rip with 96 core + I7 and work on my system, without consuming too much power... Finally a great pc but I was wondering if the Quadro 600 has been yet tested to work with Snow Leo... I know there is no much chance to have it working 100%, but does someone have tried yet ???

Thank you all guys for the answers, and sorry for my poor english ! :D

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