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iATKOS v1: "Chain booting error"

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Hey everybody!


I tried loading up iATKOS v1.0i onto the computer following this guide: http://dailyapps.net/2008/03/hack-attack-d...-windows-vista/


Everything worked fine, but then after installation, when I try to boot Mac OS from the HD, I get this error: "Chain booting error"



What could it be, and how can I fix it?


When I went through the Darwin_Boot consol, after entering the correct drive/partition number, no files would copy over so I just moved on. I'm kind of think that is why I'm getting the chain booting error but I'm not positive.



I'm completely at a loss here, so any help would be great. As stated prior, I went through iATKOS v1; would v7 get around this? Any suggestions?


It's on my mom's computer so I'm unsure of the specs, but I do know it has a 3.2 GHz Pentium 4.


Thanks a lot guys! Ciao

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