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How can I enable my Wireless Mini-PCI Card without a Hardware switch?

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I installed a HP Broadcom BCM9406MP Mini-PCI Wireless card in my Asus Z33a with much trouble. I had to file down part of the PCB to even get the card to fit. I booted up OSX and the card was detected and airport is now enabled, but I cannot connect to any networks or search for any SSIDs. I tried using the card in windows and after installing the drivers, It said that the card was disabled, and to use my hardware switch to enable it. I do have a switch to enable the wifi card, but it only works with the Intel wireless cards.


Is there a way I can enable the card through the command-line in OSX or am I stuck because my WiFI switch only works with Intel cards?


Any input would be greatly appreciated...


Running 10.4.7 from JaS 10.4.6

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