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special charactors issue


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this might be kind of noob but oh well. i was running osx86 beautifully untill i opened special charactors and it froze. now every time i start osx the special charactors pallete pops up and freezes everything again. anyone have any ide how i can make it stop poping up?




fixed it by removeing the charactor pallette component. this is how i did it is anyone has the same problem


at darwin boot type -s

/sbin/fsck -fy

/sbin/mount -uw

sh /ect/rc

rm -R /System/Library/Components/CharacterPalette.component


or you could use mv to move it somewhere else

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to note:



Of course I recommend moving the component and not deleting it.


Moving this component out of the Components folder will keep it from loading when called by the system. You can then go into System Prefs pane and to the International panel and disable the menu. This SHOULD prevent it from popping up again and you can safely replace the character palette component if you desire.


There are some files associated with the character palette that may help in disabling this in the future without moving the component istself.









May add more later...

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Isn't this problem related in this?





Test it before delete components, and if possible, please report about results :)



Yes, confirm that OTF fonts are the cause of this freeze up of character pallete and this method of removing/moving them to a different directory fixes it. Thanks guy!

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