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Help with Budget Components Please

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Okay firstly, thank you for taking the time to read my topic :)


I have long been fascinated with the thought of owning a Mac and now my Wife is after one, i would like to use this opportunity to get to grips with OSX before we spend tons of money. Who knows, perhaps a Hackintosh will do and she'll leave my wallet alone? :P


When i say budget, i mean super budget. As low as possible. I live in the UK if that has any bearing.


What I Would like from this Machine


Full Graphics, Sound & Wi-Fi Support.


Reliable Wi-Fi is a must as it will be used on a regular basis by the family, in particularly my Wife. Failing that, i may consider using PoE.


I require a motherboard, processor, RAM, and Graphics Card and a Wireless Card.


If however you can encompass my AMD II X2 245 Processor (Socket AM3) and/or 2GB DDR2 Ram then go for it, bearing in mind that an AM2+ Board would do fine to allow me to use both.


I look forward to hearing from you all.

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