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Osx on Asus T3-M3N8200 (MCP78)


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I've been struggling to get osx running on my computer! The only distro I've been able to boot from dvd is iAtkos V7, it installs fine, but I can't boot from the HDD. The weird thing is that when I boot from the dvd, I have to have AHCI on, when I boot from HDD, I have to have AHCI off for chameleon to boot. My chipset is a nforce 730/720a (MCP78 combined north/southbridge), and I get the "Still waiting for root device" upon boot from HDD. I don't know how to fix this error. To boot from DVD I've used these flags "-v cpus=1 busratio=20 maxmem=4096". When I use the same flags from HDD, i get the error. ANY help would be greatly appreciated, I've tried to boot 10.6.3 Hazard, 10.6.3 iAtkos S3, 10.5.6 iPC, 10.5.2 Kalyway/Leo4all, nothing works except iAtkos V7 10.5.7. But I need help with the "Still waiting for root device", thanks in advance :)




Sorry to bump this thread.. But.. Anyone? :)

I haven't seen a mcp78 hackintosh that works :(

I tried to add my pnpid to ApplenForceATA.kext but that didn't work either, what should I try next?

I have Osx Snow Leopard 10.6.6 working in a virtual machine, but I want it to work "Irl" if you know what I mean :)

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