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Sony vaio with Mobility HD

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Hello I'm from Spain, any spain user? please help me with graphics...


I tried to test dong's RadeonHD kext with kext helper 7, because various user said that it works with her graphic card (notebook), but when I restart the computer to see the changes, the resolution options are the same (1024x768) :)


Now i'm with snowosx SNOWOSX 3.6 10.6.2, Can you explain me what can I do to install the kext? I'm a beginner sorry.


After I tried to boot with -s -x32 and I enter the commands in /System/Library/Extensions and this is what appears on screen:




RadeonhHD.kext has no Info.plist file

cant contact kextd (containing anyway - unknown service name)



Executable does not contain code for architecture:



Can't load /System//Library/ no code for running kernel's architecture

Failed to load RadeonHD.kext (libkern/kext) request arquitecture/executable not found.




Maybe this is caused by the mod-version of the SnowLeopard or maybe by the arquitecture? (I'm using Universal snowosx 3.6 ) but I have an an original dvd of Snow Leopard and some EFI cd's... Empire EFI, Nawcom EFI..




And months ago I tried the original dvd with an efi for boot but.. do you think it's better? or the best way it's choose a good x86-modified kernel?

now i'm downloadind iatkos s3 10.6.3


Please tell me a solution.

lot of thanks


(vaio ns31m - ati mobility hd 3430)

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