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display problem with 10.6.6 hackintosh


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I installed snow leopard 10.6.6 today on my PC, after messing with the display drivers, i found it working after installing QE/CL package by (snipped), but only problem remaining is that resolution is not fitting in the screen, i mean my monitor resolution is 1920x1080 (24 inch) and when i change resolution to 1920x1080 in snow leopard, it seems compressed horizontally. it is wasting screen space horizontally, here is the image, it describes all. if i decrease the resolution then the problem is gone, but it is giving problem only on 1920x1080..



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no modification done, i already installed netkas QE\CL package, thats why my Graphics card is working, i dont know my card has VGA port or not, its sapphire 4890 HD 1Gb, im using DVI port.


and mirroring is turned off default, i didnt see it in system Preference, but in system profiler its showing OFF.


this problem is really annoying :)


never had this problem in older builds of snow leopard

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The Netkas Patch is revision 2. Have you installed revision 1?


Have you booted in 32bit or 64bit?

Try the other option.


Flush the Kext-Caches with option -f while booting with chameleon bootloader.

Try an other version of the bootloader.


strange occurrence


somewhere here in the forum should be the answer


good luck

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Sorry Sorry sorry i‘m new here doesn‘t know so much about hackintoshs. But for my myhack solves problems and the resolution too.

Before there was only 1024x768 and after i could choose many other resolutions. And sorry for the link too it shouldn‘t be any advertisement.

i have an 50" plasma tv and when i connect my laptop over hdmi there are some problems with 1920x1080 too but 720p work without problems

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