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INSTALL ASUS A6JA on External HDD...


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Hello everybody, thanks for the forum!!!!


Modèle : A6JA-Q037H

Caractéristiques : CentrinoDuo/1,8 2048Mo 100Go 15,4"wide DVDRW DL webcam Mod Eth WiFi WinXPH




OS Microsoft Windows XP Édition familiale


CPU Centrino Dual Core T2400@1.83

Memory RAM 2048

Hard drive 100Gb

graphic card ATI Mobility Radeon X1600

wifi card Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection



sound card Realtek High Definition Audio

Keyboard Clavier standard 101/102 touches ou clavier Microsoft Natural Keyboard PS/2

external HDD Keyplug Pocket Office 40Gb

External USB audio Philips



HERE is my prob......


I used Mac OSX 10.40.6 Tiger x86.iso

I abandonned the idea of installing Mac OSX on my internal partitionned HDD

Instead I want to install it on my Keyplug Pocket Office 40Gb


After reading many posts on different forums:


First I installed Acronis OS selector for the double boot


I formatted the Ext HDD with MacDrive6 in NFS+ as logical...

I then ran the install on my preformatted Ext HDD, (which MacOS recognized right away)

I choosed the options related to my computer (ss3 Intel, drivers for my printer, combo drive, wifi driver, usb audio driver, languages)

It went fine to the end of it...

If i try to boot on the Ext HDD (in the Bios)

Acronis OS selector sees only Windows as an OS and i can only boot on windows..


I supposed after reading many posts on different forums that my Ext HDD has to be primary to boot on it....

The thing is i dont know how to set it as primary...

In Acronis OS selector i couldn't convert it (greyed command)

In Partition Expert it doesn't even see the Ext HDD..... and no conversion tool from logical to primary...


I know i am gonna to run into some Hardware & drivers problems later, but i'd like to see Mac OSX running on this laptop ....

I know Mac OSX is installed (it took about 5Go on the HDD)

I wanna boot on it...

Any Tips or idea???.....


Thanks in advance for your tips!!!

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